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 Pivot to Civic initiative aims to build a talent pipeline of budding designers, developers, and product people into the social impact technology space.  We're passionate about sharing these opportunities because we believe that the future of tech is forward-thinking, inclusive, and impact-oriented.  

Read more about Pivot to Civic’s origins  here .

Read more about Pivot to Civic’s origins here.

I was introduced to the civic tech space this past summer when I served as a Civic Digital Fellow designing for the Census Bureau this summer.  The more I learned about civic tech, the more excited I got.  Unfortunately, there are such few and limited opportunities for entry-level technologists and designers to get involved - but not entirely impossible.  We wanted to consolidate those sparse opportunities to open up civic tech to a wider audience, for those wanting to "pivot" to civic, or even make students aware of what civic tech is.  Besides a job board, we ultimately want to grow a community of like-minded civically engaged individuals and be in a position to place pressure or organizations to open up more entry-level opportunities.   

I specifically have been developing the branding, newsletter layouts, content, and the UI/UX of the new website.  I have also immersed myself in outreach and growth efforts within budding civic tech communities.

Pivot to Civic has been acquired by Coding it Forward as of December 2018.


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